Sunday, April 11, 2010

Antonov crash on lake in Estonia. Kerosine leak in lake!!!

Emergency personnel in Estonia are at the scene of an accident involving an Antonov An-26, in which the aircraft suffered damage after landing heavily on a frozen lake.

Estonia's economics ministry states that the aircraft was being operated by Polish freight carrier Exin.

The ministry says it came down on Lake Ulemiste, which lies immediately to the west of Tallinn Airport, under the approach path to runway 08.

All of the crew members on the aircraft survived.

While the circumstances of the accident are still sketchy, preliminary information from the ministry indicates that the aircraft's undercarriage did not fully deploy.

Source: Estonian economics ministry

Images from the scene show that the undercarriage of the twin-engined aircraft has collapsed.

Efforts are under way, says the ministry, to prevent environmental damage from fuel leaks.

The problem being that the lake that has taken the Kerosine and hydraulic oil load from the leaking plane is an environmentally preserved lake and drinking water takeout... so not good this either.

Hope they will get the oil out before the spring birds come and die.......... in numbers once again.

Someone should do something!!!

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