Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Why did Finland send 3 ships to the Estonian territorial waters to do what? Who paid for it? Why? Success - no succes - failure!

There once was a high officer (and still is), in the Environmental Authority in Finland who said publicly: " If ever in an oil spill disaster the oil reaches the beaches, the oil spill cleanup work has failed". The same authority sent out these boats. Their catch was very small, some 5 tons only of some 150 or so tons, the oil is now on the beaches outside Tallinn.
The circumstances in this cleanup process where of course very difficult, but anyway, it was a failure and the said statement is thus profing itself, or?
This equipment we have is it of any use in ice and bad weather? It seems as the equipment is not good, and the people working with it has not been trained properly! Or was this only a training session in which the three ships were sent there, since the Estonian authorities did not ask them to come?

Apparently the hands paying for this small 3 ship crusade again goes deep into the pockets of the ordinary tax payer...or? And almost nothing was accomplished, it was just a 3 ship muscular show off, with an embarressing end! Why?

We do not have any equipment to use in bad weather and icy seas as the oil disaster hits ( neither do we have any equipment in any weather for that matter...). When do we and the authorities see and understand that we have ice and snow for 4-6 months every winter in the Gulf of Finland? We must develop the equipment so that it works even in these adverse conditions! When will the authorities see that the growing number of ships are just the problem, no matter what they carry! We must get enough working, solid equipment - now!

Should we "the people" do something?

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