Friday, March 03, 2006

Facts on oilspills and the main oil transport routes and the danger oil transports possess to the environment today and in the very near future:

From the HELCOM homepage facts on oil transports, accidents and deliberately done oil spills:

Above: In the areas marked as yellow and red are the greatest danger is for oil accidents.

Above: These are the places of known oil accidents since 1998.

Above: These are the main oil transport routes and the largest oil harbours, as they will be by the year 2015.

Above: Here are the known deliberately done oil spills since 1998! Who has paid for all this crap to be cleaned up: tax payers of course!?

Above: These are the deliberately done oil spills in 2004 only!
These are not accidental!
How many captains responsible for these spills have been put into jail? How much have these boats or shipping companies paid fines?
Who will do something positive about the whole issue?

Who will start to change the EU legislation? See below my 8 new points: "Environmental Crimes To Do List for the EU Commission and Parliament".

Should we do something?

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