Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Sunken ship m/s Runner 4, causes "probable" oil leakage!

I wrote the other day about " In the night between March 5-6th 2006 2 ships collided in the Gulf of Finland, one of the ships carrying aluminium as cargo sunk, these where fortunately not oil carrying ships! Its closing in.... "

But, the sunken ship has started to leak oil from its tanks...( would you believe???), as far as I know all ships run on oil, light or heavy oil, and if the ship sinks its tanks will sooner or later start leaking and the oil will always come to the surface of the water ( except for atomic powered vessels which causes another sort of disaster ), the winds might come from anywhere, the oil and the ice and everything makes it into a big mess...the Estonian Sea Authority spokeperson Helena Loorents says 7th of March that there is a "probable " oil leakage! Estonian authorities are also asking for help from authorities in Finland to evaluate and possibly to clean it up...but we have almost no equipment for this kind of work...we have not got ourself prepared for anything yet...that has to wait until 2007-2011 budget proposals? How stupid can we/they get?

Could someone tell me what is a "probable oil leakage"? Shall this then "probably" be treated with dispergents and let it sink to the bottom of the Gulf or? It will ( the oil will ) "probably" reappear later somewhere else being carried around with the bottom currents which go into the Gulf of Finland alongside the Estonian coast to the east and then turn and pass the Finnish coastline on their way out. So the oil will most "probably" one day appear here in Finland, somewhere along the coastline, on someones summerplace, "probably" nice?

This oil spill and many more to come cannot wait for a budget in the years to come in 2007-2011 or so. The authorities must act now! Plans have to be made during the year 2006, equipment has to be stored for emergancies in EAC centers, people have to be trained to use the equipment and to fully understand how to act on such disasters as oil disasters are.

If a large disaster occures, take the ship into one preplanned bay and seal the waters off from the gulf, dont let the whole gulf get covered with oil. "More feasible and economic!"

New leadership training is absolutely necessary for this kind of special work.

All this take time, but if we dont start now, it will be too late!

Should we do something?

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