Saturday, March 18, 2006

Why are we in Finland not ready to be responsible and pay what it takes in order to be prepared when the oil disaster comes? It will come!

This article in the Swedish newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet requires that new equipment has to be built and ready for these disasters to come. WWF representative demands that something be done now, when the oil comes up on the shores there is not so much anybody can do. The equipment to be bought that was up to discussion 2 years ago ( August 2004 ) was considered too expensive and was thus not given "green light", well one can discuss what is expensive and what is not for any length of time, but you cannot fight oil spills with your bare hands!

Now that the oil spill from the ship m/s Runner 4 is approaching Naisasaari just outside Tallinn there is no equimpent , no booms, no absorbent, no pumps nothing to take up the oil very close to or on the beaches.
Volunteers have to go there and use "type spoons and barrels" to collect the oil that has come ashore. Is this really the way to do these things in 2006? If the oil would have come our way ie to Porvoo in Finland the situation would have been exactly the same, we dont have any equipment here to stop and collect the oil before it is on the beaches! Oh Boy!

About these issues: can there actually be a price on things like this? Who decides what is that price? With what authority? We are talking about the living nature...does it have anything to say here? Are our bureaucrats really doing the best job they can...or just sitting and getting a too high salary for doing nothing, or at least not the right decisions and right things... at the right time.
That time is NOW!

Should we do something?

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