Saturday, March 18, 2006

The accident happened as I predicted inside my square ( see below ) and now the oil is moving with the winds, wherever they blow!

The map published today in Helsingin Sanomat. Shows the place of the accident, ie. red cross, and where the oil has moved, west. Obsereve: this oil and this panic to clean it up comes from an oil spill of magnitude almost nothing, ie 150 metric tons! What about 10000 -100000 metric tons when oil carrying ships go down! The only thing to get and put in the water as the disaster hits are the " sardines".

Oil in icy waters is not an easy thing to clean up.

The whole story in the news paper Helsingin Sanomat today:

Press on the picture to enlarge it!

The whole story in Helsingin Sanomat press here

Should we do something?

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