Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Who should do something? nr. 5, here it is...

Environmental Crimes To Do List for the EU Commission and Parliament:

  1. There must be no accidental washouts or spillages of oil,fuel or other pollutants from ships anywhere, ever.
  2. These environmental crimes always hit the unprotected. Animals and other wildlife cannot do anything to protect or clean themselves.
  3. The act of deliberately flushing ships' oil and fuel tanks or bilges should be classified as an extreme crime against the environment and wildlife, and should be punished most severely each time.
  4. The captain responsible for these environmental crimes should be guilty at law and be liable to a prison sentence of 3-5 years, cause: "extreme cruelty to animals".
  5. Ship owners should be required to pay a minimum fine of 1 million €uro for each of these crimes ( or more?).
  6. Ship owners should pay all costs involved in cleaning up the environment at such crime scenes. ( The estimated cost of such a clean-up is about 17-25 €uro/kg oil ).
  7. The EU Commission and Parliament must be lobbied to make the necessary changes in EU laws and regulations and also to establish a working surveillance system, to replace the current almost non-existent surveillance of the environment.
  8. The future scenario must be that these crimes will be punishable by both economic penalties and incarceration so that the fear factor alone will provide an incentive to put an end to these environmental crimes.

If there is any other way please let me know.…

Should we do something? Could this be the start?

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