Monday, February 13, 2006

Who should do something? nr. 1

Oil spill in early February 2006 on north coast of Estonia.

10000-35000 birds have died, only few have survived!

Nobody in any administration seems to have the guts to say - enough - we have to be better prepared, now!

We have to get the right kind of cleaning methods and units to be able to save what there is to save. When it is minus 10-20-30 centigrade out there, you simply cannot wash and clean the oily birds with Fairy or other liquid detergents - that will kill them for sure!
The only possibility to do the job is to use the Animal Cleaning Hospital unit to do the job! There just is no other method that has been proven to work in any conditions out there!
Wake up... think about it... lets start working on a better environmental first aid program... also for the animals!

Should we do something?

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