Monday, February 13, 2006

Who should do something? nr. 4

There was some facts on national Finnish TV today, 13th of February 2006, about the process of cleaning birds and other oily animals, with ABsorbent by Mr. Jorma Jungell, in the Animal Cleaning Hospital of his design.
WWF representative stated that mr Jorma Jungel´s ABsorbent works fine and would have saved hundreds of birds in Estonia, as it did in 1989 in Alaska in the great Exxon Valdez disaster.

The last I have heard this year sofar from the national Oil Safety Board, that they had once more asked the National Enironmental Central of Finland if this kind of animal cleaning unit is really necessary?

So they do.... and the readiness for the next oil disaster seems to be no better than it has ever been.

goto: to see what can be done!

Should we do something?


Anonymous said...

In your opinion, wouldn't the spreading avian flu threat have, rightly or wrongly, decreased general interest in bird rescue operations??

Where is the World going? said...

Hell, maybe so, but nothing makes these crimes less bad.
The birdflu in itself is most likely due to the doings of mankind in bringing them up under horrifying cirkumstances and enironments i East and South-east Asia.
There are also other animals in the high seas.