Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What is going on?
Where will the main oildisaster fighting center be in the south of Finland?

There is some information coming out of the various government offices in Helsinki ( not official and not specific information ) that the main oilspill teaching and equipment storage center will be in Helsinki in Santahamina area! Is this the case? Why?
The big issue is of course that the one and only oil harbour and refinery on the south coast of Finland is in Porvoo-Sköldvik area east of Helsinki and all the main oil disasters sofar has happened outside the Porvoo-Sköldvik refinery and oil harbour!

It does not seem to be a very intelligent decision to place this large oil prepardness center somewhere, there no oil disasters are likely to happen nor has ever happened!?
Who is making all these extremely strange decicions?

Why is Tolkis deep harbour in Porvoo being sidestepped in this contest? There is a lot of work presently done to clear the area for this use, and the construction of the buildings for the center could be started very soon.

Should we do something...

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