Monday, May 17, 2010

What should have been done, really!

Thought today. :

17th of May 2010.
Sofar BP and the rescue team has made everything go as wrong as it could be made.

What should have been made or done:

****use heavy duty booms to encircle the site at 50 miles radius or so... even double booms.

****why not take one or several supertankers on site, pump the water with oil from the surface of the sea into the tanks of the supertankers

****have it separate in its tanks, let the water filter through our absorbent filter and back to the sea

--->what is up now is the oil is disperged by dispergant toxic chemicals at several hundred feet of depth and that mixture cannot be removed in any way from there. will be a problem for years to come... fishing banns and similar actions are to be deployed..............
it is then as the hurricane season starts washed up on the shores and dune lakes and similar places and the disaster is a fact for a long time.

out of sight ===>>> no problem??? I say really BIG problems, well as we know it is a ever growing problem, even for years to come.

what I mean is think BIG, this is a BIG country this United States of America...

so what should be in reserve always at least now in the future:

1. several hundreds of miles of the heavy duty sea boom to encircle the event/leak
tugboats to keep boom at place in circle
2. supertankers to pump it up and separate it on board
3. filter it through an absorbent
4. then let it go out to the sea, as pure water....

any objections on this scheme? an idea like a million, yes?

I think really this could have been the only way to do it as opposite the dispergants are the worst way.

So maybe someone should have put a thought into this before action was taken, yes?

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