Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Booms: about birds and animals... shall we let all animals die?

These pictures really show you the facts of reality! These are from June 2010, Gulf of Mexico.
It also gets worse by the day!

The poor bird is on the wrong side of the dammed boom, who tells the bird to go on the other side?

There are lots and lots of birds still to go to the same tragic death as the ones above. Why?

Because man is plain stupid and nobody cares! The boom is good but it needs something to remove the oil when its against the boom! Is this difficult to apprehend?

So, when will the political forces grow strong enough and say: STOP! We want to do something before all our beautiful birds and other rare animals are dead! Really!

I say as I have said over the years: Someone should do something! Really!

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