Monday, May 17, 2010

How is it going, cleanup of oilspill in the Gulf of Mexico

Open letter to: and mr Bryan Walsh

Dear Sirs.

I read your article in the TIME "The Big Spill" vol 175, no 19, 2010.

A very good article.

I also have great concerns about how this is handled in the sense of not having enough materials to start with, not enough material like booms in the whole world!!! not enough knowledge how to cope with the oil on the surface and so on. Now they have placed an order for 500 kilometers of high sea booms, but it is too late.

Doing the old trick which is out of sight is out of problems... and thats not so in this case, now the problem is some hundred feet under the water... and nobody can fix that... it will eventually be on the beaches, in the fish and shrimp, if it gets into the vortex of the gulf stream it will en up on the north pole.... what that then has for effects. it will be there for years to come...

There should be an international authority to which all oil using countries , shippers, producers etc pays money as agreed, this authority collects and places out equipment in strategic storage around the world so that it is available when these spills happen , because they will. There are also other issues that should be addressed internationally, what to do, encourage political awerness and guts, think back on recent issue in Spain-Portugal. This is an issue for possibly the UN or a division of it. or a better inter-state body to be founded.

Venezuela just lost a gas rig, it could have been the same sort of disaster there too.

See also earlier in this blog how we years ago made a plan and had the idea to create several environmental action centers in Europe. EAC's. my blog of Feb 28 2006. That was a beautiful plan. It still is, and necessary as this mess shows very clearly.

Your Sincerely
Bernhard Edgren

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