Sunday, April 09, 2006

Uutinen? News? No news beacuse this is the real world!

According to Finnish National news late yesterday evening the ship m/s Runner 4 is leaking oil!? Oh yeah?
Well this should not be any news to professionals anyway since any sunken ship will leak oil until there is no oil ( lesson nr 1: "on the theory on leakage from ships sinking with any oil in their hull: it will come out one day" ).
The main issue is of course can we do something about it? Can we somehow prevent an even larger disaster from happening? What can we do now when in the spring time ( april-may )
the prevailing winds are south to south-west ( lesson nr 2: about ice and wind conditions annually in this area ). Sofar the ice has prevented this oil from coming this way ( north ) but as the ice melts we will have it all here on the Finnish coast-archipelago. Nice? ( should we order the sardines already? ).
Do we have any equipment like booms or skimmers? Answer: very little booms ( only some kilometers which at sea are nothing, skimmers is very few in stock ) almost no skimmers. Nothing else either in this acute situation for that matter. Why? Because the Finnish authorities thinks it is better to do nothing than to risk something, please see header! ( lesson nr 3: with no equipment it is not possible to prevent the oil from reaching the beaches and to clean up anything! ), also because the local authorities have not made "the oil protection plan" according to EU and government regulations, so no plan = no money at th
is time.
This planless situation can be a very expensive government "experiment" since oil spills don´t
have anything to do with plans, do they? I cannot see that they do, can you?
I my opinion this is a beautiful example of the misused power of authorities who sit on their big fat a...s and wages and dont want to and/or cant see the future at all. ( lesson nr 4: the increase in ship traffic does in real life increase the risk for accidents, even statistically! ). The authorities plan some action and money to be spent by the Oil Safety Fund in the coming years like 2007-2011 or later, thats fine? Oh boy. Maybe there should be some local action taken soon...

National news, Finland:
Virossa uponnut alus vuotaa yhä öljyä

Julkaistu 09.04.2006, klo 01.21 (päivitetty 09.04.2006, klo 10.09)

Kuva: YLE 22.4.2003

Viron pohjoisrannikolla maaliskuun alussa uponneesta Runner 4 -aluksesta on jälleen alkanut vuotaa öljyä mereen, kertoo Suomen ympäristökeskus.
Rajavartiolaitos vahvista tiedon ja kertoo, että pinnalle noussut öljy on todennäköisesti kevyttä polttoöljyä. Merivartioston alus on saapumassa paikalle, ja Viroon on lähdössä myös öljyntorjunta-alus Hylje.
Etelätuulen vuoksi on mahdollista, että öljy kulkeutuu kohti Suomea.
Dominican saarivaltioon rekisteröidyssä aluksessa oli yli sata tonnia raskasta ja 35 tonnia kevyttä polttoöljyä. by: YLE24, STT

Should we do something?

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