Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oil leakage again, equipment nonexistent?

Again it happened. No warnings, as usual of course?! 8.9.2008 in Turku. Suprised? 

Again not enough equipment. Suprised? I am not surprised on any of these happenings, they happen, then authorithies stand with their finger in their mouth and dont know what should be done...again. And nobody prepares for the future oils spills that will come for sure. They always do come, believe me.

160 tons of diesel oil in the wateras of  harbour in Turku, making a mess of surrounding waters.

Booms placed out, evaporation slow due to low temperature.


Öljyvuoto sotki rantoja Turussa

08.09.2008 18:44
 (Kuva: Lehtikuva)

Dieselöljyä on päässyt runsaasti veteen Turun junalauttasatamassa. Öljy on tuhrinut muun muassa Ruissalon rantoja.

Pelastuslaitos on puomittanut Pansion sataman edustan, ja se jatkaa Ruissalon rantojen puomitusta. Palomestarin mukaan öljyn kerääminen kestää useita päiviä.

Pelastuslaitoksen mukaan öljyä valui sunnuntaina satama-alueelle sekä mereen yhteensä noin 160 kuutiometriä. (MTV3-STT)

How to remove the oil?

Why not use enough of deep booms, the applly granulate absorbent on the watersurface absorbing / succing up the diesel oil, then skim it off the surface for further destruction. It is not more complicated than that. Actually if we want, it is real easy, but the authorities don´t always have the time to realize how things work in the real world. They sit in their glass towers in Helsinki and dont see the true situations...

We must start to have critical and strategical warehouses around our coasts with enough material and educated personel to take care of problems like this.

It is our environment that we are dealing with and it has taken enough hard hits already. In Turku our finest south-west archiopelago and its survival its all about so:

Someone should do something, now.

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