Sunday, February 11, 2007

Minister Stefan Wallin, Ministry of Environmental Affairs of Finland-made a fine decision- teki hyvän päätöksen-gjorde det bästa beslutet!

Finally, the decision is made. The new Oil Disaster Prevention and Teaching Center is to be built in Porvoo!
It will be built on the same bay as Neste Oil refinery is located, so we will have all these users and preventive operations very close together.

This is absolutely the best possible solution.

We must now hope that the decision leads to rapid action and that the new center will be a learning and teaching center of high quality as well as a center for storage of booms and other equipment in such large quantities that we can actually get help at a level needed when lets say 100000 tons of crude gets into the waters. See below.

I congratulate minister Wallin for this excellent decision!

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