Sunday, February 11, 2007

100 000 tons crude in the Gulf of Finland, almost, very very near...

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M/T Propontis has gone on rocks just west of Hogland. Fortunately it has duble bottoms so even if there is some large sips in the outer hull, the inner is intact and no oil has been leaking into the waters.

This is pure luck...what if?
100 000 tons of crude during winter time in the Gulf of Finland, with coming SW winds, all or most of this oil would end up on th south shores of Finland. Among all the 1000 islands. The task to clean it up would be tremendous and it would probably take some 50 or more years to clean this mess.
What is the possibilities to prevent this oil from spreading or to collect it before it reaches the shores: 0%. There is no systems or materials to take care of this large an oil spill in these waters, ever.

( M/T Propontis on valmistunut vuonna 2006, ja sillä on 25 hengen miehistö. Alus on 249 metriä pitkä, ja sillä on lastina 100 000 tonnia raakaöljyä. )
Now one comes to think about it... this ship is built in 2006, crew of 25, 249 meters long, 100000 tons of crude , it must have all the modern equipment and cadgets for navigation... how was this possible to happen? It just should not be possible, but it did. Very strange. The news state that it was a navigational error!? How come???

This almost disaster happened just on the east side of my predicted disaster zone. See picture.

The boat is being towed towards our large oil terminal and oil refining plant in Skiöldvik-Porvoo. Lets hope no more problems will happen.

Finnish National news 9-10 February 2007: Minister Stefan Wallin of the Ministry of Environmental Affairs has decided that the Oil Disaster Prevention Center is to be built in Porvoo. This is absolutely good news. Porvoo is closest to all these oil problem areas where th problems have happened during the last years. More about this later. LINK press here.

Should we now do something?

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